Directors and creators Donna Lindsay (right) & Phoebe Wilkens (left), Donna has a Bachelor of Human Movement & Exercise Physiology. Graduate Diploma of Exercise Science & Masters of Applied Science/Clinical Sports Rehabilitation. Phoebe has an Advanced Diploma in Local, Family & Applied History and a Bachelor of Historical Inquiry & Practice.

Our Story 

In mid-2014 whilst on (another) trip to Thailand, Donna and Phoebe realised they wanted to start a project together, something removed from their day-to-day jobs. Working in completely separate fields – Donna is an Exercise Physiologist and runs a successful business and Phoebe is an historian and specialises in genealogy – finding a cohesive project was going to be somewhat challenging. Donna, motivated by the philanthropic work of TOMS, and in a moment of inspiration, came up with the idea of EATSS – Eat and They Shall Sleep. 

The foundation of EATSS lies in Donna and Phoebe’s love of food and of the beautiful people of Thailand who have always been so accommodating. EATSS brings together the integral need to nourish our bodies with wholesome and nutritious food and the basic human right of a safe night’s sleep. It brings together the concept of healthy, nutritious and wholesome food with the aim of providing bedding for underprivileged Thai children and orphans. 

The range of protein balls created and handmade by Donna has been developed with optimum health and nutrition in mind. Using well sourced and wholesome ingredients, Donna has produced a variety of delicious protein balls which are all vegan and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Along with these protein balls Donna is creating a recipe book filled with healthy and nutritious meals suitable for the whole family. 

For every 20 protein balls EATSS sells ($60) we are able to purchase a mattress for an underprivileged Thai child. Proceeds from the upcoming recipe book will also go towards helping those in need. Therefore, by purchasing EATSS products you will be helping to provide these mattresses to the less fortunate children of Thailand as well as contributing to your own health.

Update: In October 2016 we returned to Thailand for our second EATSS trip. We re-visited the Phuket Special Education Centre, where almost 50 children from the ages of 4-16 years have a range of mental and physical disabilities and receive little in the way of funding and support from the government and few donations from the general public. We first visited the Centre in 2015 on our first EATSS trip and donated a new playground and equipment, toys, pillows and food for the school and students to enjoy. In 2016 when we returned we were able to donate hospital beds, sheets, pillows and blankets to the growing school. We have also be able to donate to local Geelong-based charities and organisations, including being involved with the ‘Feed Geelong’ charity through ‘Give Where You Live Geelong’ in conjunction with King of the Castle Café.

Therefore, whilst we still sell protein balls (and now cookies) with the aim of purchasing mattresses and sleeping equipment for those in need in Thailand we also welcome your thoughts and ideas regarding where you may wish for your donations to go. Please have a chat to us about how you may be able to help.